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An Asian American girl seated cross legged and smiling

My name is Sophia Skiles (she/her) and I was born and raised on the unceded lands of the Tongva (colonial Los Angeles, California).

I am a theater actor, a teacher of acting, a facilitator for racial justice, and a citizen, purposefully blurring and disrupting the lines of the stage, the classroom and the world.

To me, theater-making means sharing my physical and political presence to collaborate with fellow artists and the public. It means gathering, bearing witness, being changed. Together, we share space and time to investigate and remake remembered and imagined worlds.

Who takes space? How and with whom do we share and fill that space? How to embody a role with artful technique, critical context and integrity?


These questions joyfully frame my choice of roles, projects, collaborators -- both artistic and civic -- and how I participate in these relationships. 

An Asian American woman laughing against a backdrop of blurred trees

Photo credit: Teresa Horgan

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